September Wine Collection

Ch Laville, Sauternes, 37.5cl, 2010 £20.49
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Ch Roudier, Montagne St Emilion  2010
Ch Roudier, Montagne St Emilion 2010 £14.50
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Edouard Brun 1er Cru Reserve Brut Nv
Edouard Brun 1er Cru Reserve Brut Nv £27.95
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Roger Sabon Lirac 2012
Roger Sabon Lirac 2012 £15.50
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Welcome to Butler’s Wine Cellar

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher came to power, Sid Vicious died, and the Ayatolah Khomeni was voted ‘Man of the Year’ by Time Magazine. None of which mattered very much to Henry Butler’s parents Gillian and Geoffrey; they were busy opening their small family-run wine shop in Brighton’s Queens Park Road, with the intention of bringing interesting, characterful wines to a British public then largely unfamiliar with much beyond Black Tower and Mateus Rose (historical fact: there were only three good bottles of wine in the whole of the UK in 1979, and all of them belonged to Mick Jagger). Read more...

Butler's News

The Great Sherry Blog

September 10, 2015

Ahh Sherry… far too much to talk about in one blog but let’s make a start…. Sherry is firmly shaking off the stuffy image of the past, but still remains unexplored by many people. It offers those that wish to explore an exciting and diverse range of wines. Sherry is a delicious aperitif but also matches with charcuterie, cheeses and fish, among other foods. There is amazing complexity to be had from older Sherries and they can be a great bang for your buck. Sweet Sherry also offers a great value dessert wine that will keep well in most instances once opened. Some styles of Sherry Fino is a crisp, yeasty, tangy and slightly nutty style of sherry. It is a...

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#EnglishWineMe - win a magnum of Ridgeview

August 14, 2015

This summer we are celebrating great local English wines, many made by our friends just down the road. We have a wide selection of fizz as well as some really delicious still wines. These are wines we have seen improve over the years, there are a lot of fresh and interesting examples from Pinot Noirs to the underrated Bacchus grape.  Below is a video from Henry about Albourne Estate Selection, for some more information. Albourne Estate Selection @60secwine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.  You can buy these wines in the shop as usual, but we also have a great discount on mixed cases of six and twelve. (More information here). We will be showing a large range of English wines at our English Wine Bar,...

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