Spottswoode Lyndenhurst Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

£115.00 GBP

Spottswoode is a family-owned 40-acre historic vineyard whose wine can be numbered amongst those of the world’s great wine estates. Purchased by Jack and Mary Novak in 1972, they released Spottswoode’s first Cabernet in 1982 100 years after the estate’s founding.

Spottswoode has been fortunate to see the winemaking baton pass seamlessly from one gifted winemaker to another during that time, starting with the great Tony Soter and now in the exceptionally capable and responsive hands of Aron Weinkauf. Creating wines which truly reflect their grape origin and fine tuning the elegant and well structured Spottswoode style.

Lyndenhurst was one in a succession of names given to the estate that became known as Spottswoode in 1910.

Deep, dark, tight berry fruit with hints of mint. A supple attack of fresh fruits, long with soft tannins. It has a fresh uplifting feel, lovely wine.

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