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Cellar Alimara

These wines are a range from small artisan producers in Catalonia, Spain. 

All the wines are typically produced in quantities of 10,000 bottles or less. They are all hand made, and the producers manage their vineyards sustainably using a variety of techniques including organic and biodynamic regimes. 

They are also typically hands off in the winery, preferring to promote nature as winemaker. They don't use any additives, and filter only if absolutely necessary, They also use minimal levels of sulphur. 

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Celler Alimara, Llumni Blanc 2016 (Spain) - £11.49
An equal blend of Macabeu and White Grenache, this comes from 400m hills in southern catalunya. this is designed to be easy going a drinkable at any time! Fresh citrus and pear dominate the nose, a simple palate with good acidity.
Celler Alimara, Senyal Blanc 2016 (Spain) - £15.49
This 100% Grenache Blanc comes from 30 year old vines in the southern mountains of Catalunya,  the grapes are matured in old oak for 6 months before bottling. The nose has flavours of pear-drop and citrus, while the palate is creamy with a mineral core.
Celler Alimara, Llumni Negre 2017 (Spain) - £11.49
A blend of Grenache (60%), Downy Grenache (20%) and Carignan (20%). This comes from 30 year old vines from southern Catalunya. This wine is aged in oak for 6 months, a portion of the oak is new which adds elements of vanilla. Its an approachable palate with ripe strawberries and blackcurrant.
Celler Alimara, Senyal Negre 2016 (Spain) - £15.49
Dominated by Syrah with small portions of Tempranillo and Carignan, this is the entry level for the winery and is a great example of good fruit harvested organically and producing a class wine. Some interesting flavours of raspberry and liquorice make this something different.
Cellers Carles Andreu, 12 Trepat 2018 (Spain) (organic) - £15.49 
This is produced in the Conca de Barbera region just north of Tarragona. The wine is made with the Trepat grape varietal, there is only 1500 hectares of this grown and is thought to be indiginous to the region. On the nose there is strawberry and slightly meaty hints. On the palate you get red fruits, including cherry with notes of white pepper and cloves
Celler Alimara, La Xispa 2017 (Spain) (organic) - £22.00
Mainly Carignan with 10% Grenache, the 40 year old vines are planted in the hills of catalunya. All the grapes are harvested by hand and the vineyard is farmed organically. In the winery the wine is aged in small barrels for 9 months which adds notes of cedar and spices. The wine has notes are rich fig and dark berry fruit, this has smooth tannins and great concentration.

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