Bee Famous Cotes du Rhone 2019

£12.50 GBP

This is a winner, an organic red wine with a bee on the label, what's not to like?! If you closed your eyes and drank this, you might think you were drinking a good quality Chateauneuf du Pape.

It is a wine from the Rhone, but labelled as Cotes du Rhone. The fruit comes from the gentle slopes of Sablet, in the southern Rhone. Grenache dominates giving robust, chunky, velvety dark cherry fruit. It's backed up with 25% Syrah which helps add spice , blueberry flavours and structure. The wine maker celebrates the work of the bee in nature by placing it loud and proud on the front label, without bees we would have very little wine.

This would be delicious with a warming slow cooked casserole of your choice.


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