Flower Girl Cabernet Franc Pet Nat, The Mary Delaney Collection 2018

Botanica Wines was founded in 2009 by owner and self-taught winemaker Ginny Povall, an intrepid American who fell in love with the beautiful Cape winelands, purchased Protea Heights farm in Stellenbosch’s Devon Valley and relocated to the southern tip of Africa in 2008.

This is a Petillant Natural ( Pet Nat ) Style of wine, this is where the wine is bottled before fermentation is finished, this creates a slightly sparkling style of wine. This is designed to be fun and ready to drink now! The Flower girl is 100% Cabernet Franc.

Tasting note by Laura Hockenhull:

A quirky little fizz. Hazy in the bottle with the sediment in the bottle indicating it's natural fermentation in the bottle. It looks like pink home brew but don't be put off by it's hazy appearance. The bottle opens with a satisfying pop and smoke. In the glass it's a beautiful colour of pink into orange. The nose is intense Cabernet Franc, reminiscent of autumn hedgrows, bramble fruit and damsons. Bright but heady with a little funk.  On the palate it's lively to start with, exciting bubbly with a juicy fresh mouth watering finish. As it settles into the glass it turns into a pretty sophisticated light red wine, well balanced and elegant. It softens and the bubbles practically disappear, while still holding onto that character typical of it's variety. Well integrated tannins, plenty of flavour and morish acidity would make this wine a fine match for charcuterie. 

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