Solco Lambrusco dell'Emilia, Patrinieri 2017

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This is what Lambrusco is all about, it's fun but serious at the same time. This is nothing like the synthetic, poorly made examples from decades ago. It comes from Emilia Romagna, in northern Italy, and is made from the Lambrusco di Sorbara.

Paltrinieri has been making Lambrusco since 1998, they let the wine referment naturally which creates a soft, gentle fizz. This particular wine is bottled with 15 g\l of residual sugar which gives it a slightly off dry feel, and a lovely opulence. It has a deep dark cherry colour and flavour, it is very aromatic and soft.

They have a very natural approach to their winemaking and this is bottled without filtration, so it might have a light harmless sediment. This is very delicious with spicy food or salami.

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