Barolo Brunate, F Rinaldi 2015


Rinaldi is one of the great family names of Piemonte, with a winemaking pedigree intertwined with the history of Barolo itself. Franceso Rinaldi founded this estate in 1870 and it is run with a deep reverence for its heritage by the latest generation of Rinaldis.

The winemaking ethos is gloriously traditional, with modern techniques only adopted to nudge the already-stellar bar of quality even higher. For instance, fermentation now takes place in stainless steel, but nothing is hurried; no corners are cut.

Fermentation lasts a leisurely 20 days, giving the wine time to extract every morsel of phenolic goodness from the skins. Maturation lasts a further three years, in huge old Slavonian oak casks. These wines are in no hurry to reach their peak.

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