Walter Massa Colli Tortonesi Barbera Bigolla 2005 Magnum


Vigneti Massa from Colli Tortonesi, is a five-generation old winery in Piedmont. Walter Massa is renowned for his championing of the native, white Timorasso grape.  Discussion of his red wine production is often overshadowed by chat around his extraordinary and rare white wines. As Massa himself writes, ‘Timorasso is considered by me to be on a par with the other vines I cultivate.’ So his reds are just as worthy of attention and although the Barbera grape is somewhat less rare in the Piedmont region, his wines are distinctive and delicious. As with all of Massa’s wines, the bottle is never big enough so luckily this one comes in a Magnum. With opulent black fruit this is not your typical Barbera. Elegant wine with a beautiful balance of acidity, lush fruit and floral notes. 

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