Art Terra Amphora Branco 2018

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The ‘Art.Terra’ wines follow the principles of minimal intervention, and use the oldest known wine making techniques to create some truly amazing wine styles using indigenous grapes from the Alentejo. This is their white, made from 100% Arinto grapes.

It is a highly textured style, where the grape skins have been left in with the fermenting must and kept there for a total of 60 days. This is unusual for white wine, where the grape skins are usually discarded right at the beginning of the wine making process to avoid extracting tannin and pithy flavours.

The quality of the grapes is paramount when making wines in this style, any spoilage will be accentuated in the final product. This means manual harvesting is an essential part of the process, to select only the best quality grapes and handle them carefully from vine to press. Once fermented, the wine is racked into clay amphorae to mature for a further three months. Resin coats the interior of the vessels and infuses a wonderful marmalade flavour to the wine. The result is a complex, structured white wine.

Arinto has a naturally high acidity which balances the rich and textured style nicely and brings a clean citrus zest and saline character. The wine exhibits aromas of herbs and Eucalyptus, with a hint of smoke and spice.  It has real texture with almost tannin-like grip which is smoothed out and washed back nicely by the acidity. There is a complex array of flavours, including nuts, spice, and a hint of earthiness, all leading to a clean, lingering finish.

This will pair well with dried fruits and meats. It is robust and textured enough to stand up to rich flavours.


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