BK Wines Skin n Bones White 2016

A new arrival from our favourite Adelaide Hills winery! This wine is 98% Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon!), a lesser-seen variety whose best expression in its native France can be found in the Jura. The juice sits on its skins for one month before going into barrel for natural malolactic fermentation to occur. It retains wonderful freshness while delivering a fanfare of baked apples, honey-roast pears, camomile, dried apricots, orange peel, peaches and cream, and a decidedly herbal perfume of fresh oregano, sage and a hint of fennel. An uplifting, singing acidity adds brightness to the otherwise soft and round palate, making for a lip-smackingly good, dangerously gluggable summer gem. Resist the temptation to drink it all at once though - this wine demands good company and at leat one full evening of deep contemplation. 

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