Blank Bottle Epileptic Inspiration , Semillon 2016

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"So the story has nothing to do with the wine - a straight Semillon from Elgin. I am not a fan of greener wines and therefore concentrate on picking the grapes when it is ripe. The juice gets no sulphur before fermentation, no acid, enzymes etc. It settles overnight and goes to old wood, spontaneously ferments and stays a year in barrel on the lees and then to bottle.

For those of you who don't know this: I have epilepsy which the doctors control with medication. But I absolutely hate taking pills. So I was relieved when the dr said I could leave my medication a while back. Then, in November 2013, while not on medication, I had a huge epileptic fit. So the Dr booked me off driving and surfing, yet again. Now when this happens to me, at first, I forget everything. My long term memory returns quite soon but the short term analytical memory takes about 2-3 months to return - if at all. But I discovered a huge upside to this: financial pressures and other stress factors disappeared together with the rest of my short term memory! So when I couldn't remember what to stress about, it blew my creative side right open."

100% Semillon, barrel aged for a couple of years: fat, creamy and hazelnutty, taut and exciting. Now-2020



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