S A Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Grosse Gewachs 2010

£37.50 GBP

The Prum family have historical roots in the Mosel region dating back to the 1100s. S A Prum, as a business, was created in 1911 by Sebastian Alois Prum, Sebastian's grandson made this particular wine.

The estate comprises of over 40 hectares in the Mosel area of German, with 15 hectares in Wehlener Sonnenhuhr (the sundial of Wehlen). We have other wines from Prum, but this is their equivalent to a Grand Cru, or Champions League level wine, it is stunning. Butler had it and liked it so much he had it again the next day.

The area of Wehlener producers some of the very best Rieslings in the world, the vineyards are extremely steep, with slate soil, and it benefits from good sun hours, which help ripen the fruit in an otherwise cool climate.

It is top class and simply shows why we must enjoy more German wine.

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