Singulier Vignoble du Reveur 2018

Matthieu and Emanuelle are a couple making organic wine in Alsace, both of them come from families of winemaking royalty, Matthieu is son of Marcel Deiss, who has been at the forefront of all that is good to do with Alsatian wines for many years. Emanuelle is the Daughter of Henri Milan who has a big reputation in southern France for producing high quality wines.

When Matthieu and Emanuelle took over the vineyards they immediately started converting the vineyards to organic and practising some elements of biodynamics. This process takes many years to complete and they are still working through the last parcels of land.

A potential future classic for Reveur, this wine is the second draft for a project working on fine tuning the skin maceration for their white wines. For this second draft, this is a maceration of Riesling and Pinot for 10 days and they then complete the fermentation in large oak barrels, the wine is left to rest on its lees for one year. With the amount of sulphur being lower than the last year.

This project leads to wine like no other, a full bodied white with apricots and floral notes, soft acidity and a finish full of tight grippy notes, this would be perfect with fresh seafood and salads with ripe fruit and vegetables.

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