Badenhorst Family White 2009

A blend of 29% Chenin Blanc, 23% Roussanne, 11% Viognier, 11% Chardonnay, 10% Grenache Blanc, 5% Colombard, 5% Grenache Gris, 2% Semillon, 2% Verdelho and 2% Clairette Blanche. There are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind will say "Wow! That sounds exciting!". The second kind will count up all the percentages and make sure they add up to 100%. Which are you? If you find you are now reading this with a calculator in your hand, then this is probably not the wine for you. If you are licking your lips at the prospect of such an exciting cocktail of varieties, then this wine should be right up your street. To make a tuneful melody from so many disparate elements takes a clever conductor and Adi Badenhorst has his orchestra playing in wonderful harmony. Cool, undertated peach and nectarine vie with lively citrus and sour honey flavours in this full-bodied, intriguing, complex wine that will age beautifully for another 5-6 years

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