Baron de Badassiere Picpoul de Pinet 2019

£10.75 GBP

Baron de Badassiere is a centuries old producer located on the Languedoc’s Mediterranean coast. The name derives from the vineyard which is called ‘Badassiere’. The producer specialises in producing top-notch, ‘badass’ Picpoul.

‘Picpoul’ translates to ‘stings the lip’ due to its naturally high acidity, making it well suited to hotter Mediterranean climes where it ripens well, offering up tropical and floral characteristics without becoming flabby and unbalanced.

The crisp acidity brings with it a more citrus-driven edge, which lingers nicely on the finish, leaving you wanting to take another sip. This truly is a summer slurper with enough heft to be enjoyed all year round. Great on its own, it reaches another level with white fish, salads and other fresh, light dishes.