Birichino Petulant Naturel Malvasia 2018

£29.50 GBP

Alex Krause and John Locke founded Birichino in Santa Cruz in 2008. They draw on a combined four decades of making wine in California, France, Italy, and beyond. They source from a number of carefully farmed, family-owned vineyards planted by and large in more moderate, marine-influenced climates. Their preference is for minimal intervention, most often, favouring native fermentations, employing stainless steel or neutral barrels, minimal racking and fining, and avoiding filtration altogether when possible. 

We love the Birichino wines from California, as they are always so drinkable. They are never over the top or too heavy.

'Petulant Naturel' is a style of wine that leaves the wine with a small bit of fizz, for varieties like Malvasia this can really help to lift the wine and give it an exciting vibrancy which is often hard to get through natural acidity and grape maturity. It is unfiltered, so it might have a light sediment. The fruit for this wine comes from almost 30 year old vines, from the Salinas Valley. This has a lovely combination of floral notes, honeyed fruit, touches of nectarine and spice, it's really enjoyable, and something a bit different.