Blank Bottle Familiemoord 2018

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Pieter Walser started Blank Bottle in Somerset West, South Africa, around 15 years ago. The way he looks and talks about wines is special, he tells stories and wants people to approach wine without prejudice. All of the Labels are designed by Pieter himself or sometimes friends and family. 

Grenache, Pinot Noir and Cinsault mainly sourced from Swartland and Elgin. Aromatic with savoury leather and a touch of truffle and morel mushroom, lovely dark fruit and succulence, a touch of chocolate in the finish. Yes, the name means 'family murder', from a case of seriously mistaken scenario that made headlines in the local press, when Pieter 'buried' his young son in a freshly dug sandpit, but neighbouring children spotted and reported a 'crime scene' leading to a massive police response.