Blank Bottle Rabbitsfoot White 2019

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Pieter Walser started Blank Bottle in Somerset West, South Africa, around 15 years ago. The way he looks and talks about wines is special, he tells stories and wants people to approach wine without prejudice.All of the Labels are designed by Pieter himself or sometimes friends and family. 

Pieter tells us that he personally doesn't like Sauvignon Blanc all that much", Often Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh wine full of green notes. This is the opposite of that, it is ripe and full of peachy stone fruits, its barrel fermented and aged which add richness to this wine. This wine is the definition of what Pieter tries to do, take a common wine style and flip it upside down.

The grapes for this wine come from a vineyard high up in the Helderberg mountain range in Stellenbosch, the owner actually uses the grapes to make sweet wine. A problem this vineyard has is baboons, They eat all the fruit before they dry out for the sweetwine. So pieter takes the first 5 rows to make this wine from and this tricks the baboons into thinking there is no fruit left for them to have. This works brilliantly, however, this means that pieter only gets a small amount of fruit, 835 bottles worth to be exact. Grab a bottle whilst you still can, only a few left at Butlers.