Blank Bottle Smaug The Magnificent 2017

£23.95 GBP

This is the second release of Smaug the Magnificent. Like with most great things in life - this wine originated with a really bad experience where the South African alcohol board stopped the sales of the 2011 vintage.

Smaug is back and it’s all about showing what age can do to a South African white blend. Wine maker Pieter bottled this wine in 2017 and has been ageing it ever since. Not great for cash-flow but very promising for the wine!

The 2017 vintage is just about to start showing it’s true colours. A super cool, nutty, grippy mineral, yet fresh 3-year old South African white. Made to age for another 5 to 7 years. Only for the adventurous wine drinker. A blend of Roussanne, Chenin blanc, Verdelho and Palomino.

The label is designed by Pieters son and a percentage of all wine sales go towards his pocket money.