Blank Bottle Winery Gothus 2018

£22.50 GBP

The red wine we chose is the first Pinotage Pieter has sold in the UK, and we are very excited about this wine. We are still awaiting the full technical details for this wine. It is called Gothus, influenced by Blank Bottle super fan and our Manager, Cassie Gould, and her love of all things black or of the night!

Pieter found a small parcel of Pinotage vines from his local farmer friend but found that Pinotage is the first red grape to ripen. Unfortunately, its early sweetness attract birds from the mountain and they feast on the grapes. In the past, the farmer had therefore been forced to pick the 37-year old vineyard early, on a low sugar, before the birds came. But that meant that the grapes were not ripe yet and could only be used for the making of rosé. To prevent the bird-fest, Pieter then purchased some bird nets and the farmer covered the little bush vines with it - it worked. 

This is 100% Pinotage, aged in oak for a year. This wine will convert you to Pinotage, it is so drinkable. It is packed full of vibrant berry fruits, it is velvety smooth, with a long, fine finish.