Blank Bottle, Im Hinterhofkabuff, Elgin, 2018

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If it's one of Pieter Walser's BLANKbottle wines then you can bet ya there's a story attached to it. Well for this one it's all in the name. Hinterhofkabuff means backyard shack in Afrikaans. This wine was inspired by an interviewer who described Pieter Walser's office as that exact phrase - a shack! Not wanting to draw attention to this faux pas Pieter named a wine after it ... The wine itself is made from Riesling and has an incredibly pretty floral nose with a more savoury stone fruit and spiced citrus palate. Like the man himself, this is an eccentric wine which has very little resemblance to any other Riesling. But is definitely one to try. It has a beautiful oily texture and a palate full of spice and white fruit concentration. It is quite bold for a Riesling with a nice, long and zingy finish. One for the adventurous wine lover!