Botonero 2018, Alpine Nebbiolo, Mamete Prevostini

£19.99 GBP

Here's a Nebbiolo with a difference, both in terms of where it comes from and what those origins bring to the wine in the bottle. 

Botonero is from the northernmost reaches of Lombardy, near the Swiss border in the steep south-facing foothills of the Rhaetian Alps. The vineyards are planted on terraces at 300-700m (even highly-trained mountain goats would struggle to work the vines if they were planted directly on slopes this steep).

The long, warm, sunny summer days give the grapes plenty of opportunity to ripen fully, while the altitude translates into mouthwatering freshness in the final wine. So this is a purer, more delicate expression of Nebbiolo (known locally as Chiavennasca) than its Piedmont counterparts. 

It's medium-bodied, full of juicy red fruit like red cherries and pomegranate, held together by good sappy tannins and brought bursting to life with that purifying blast of Alpine-fresh acidity.

Full of character, great with pizza and outstanding at under £20.