Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner 2019

£17.95 GBP

Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner 2019 is a new addition to our portfolio, it is something which has gone unnoticed until now, but we welcome it to the shelves. Cantina Valle Isarco is a cooperative in Alto Adige, which is quickly becoming one of our favourite Italian wine regions. They began in 1961, but had two disastrous winery events which forced them to completely rebuild in 1975, which makes them one of the youngest cooperatives in the area, they quickly created a positive following. They now have 125 members in the area, and access to many parcels of old vines.
The vineyards are between 300m - 900m, on mineral rich soils and get plenty of sun. 95% of the production is on whites wines, of which this is one. They try to make wines which express varietal character, poise and depth.
The Kerner grape is a cross between a red variety Schiava and Riesling. It has a fresh inviting nose, with peach, rich fruit, but it isn't fat or cloying, it is precise and clean. It feels a bit like a light Viognier, but I think more interesting, this is a great drinker.