Cantina di Gambellara Classico 2017

The Garganega grapes are grown on selected vineyards on the hills of the commune of Gambellara, a region known for winemaking since the Roman times. All vineyards are at least 20 years old and their volcanic soils are derived from basalts, providing an abundance of minerals that allow grapes to ripen fully and develop aromatic richness. The natural amphitheatre of hills surrounding Gambellara reach an altitude of 500 metres above sea level, however the vineyard is planted between 100-350 metres on a north-south facing slope, as this provides the best combination of aspect, soil composition and solar radiation. In the past, grapes from the vineyards were traditionally used for the Vin Santo di Gambellara, however their high level of quality today makes for excellent young, fresh white wine.


The wine is dry and scented, with pronounced minerality and a long finish. It has yellow peach aromas and a touch of spice on the finish

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