Cantina di Gambellara Lessini Monopolio Durello Spumante NV

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Cantina di Gambellara, Monopolio Durello Spumante.

It comes from north east Italy, from the Veneto, and is a sparkling wine made from the historic, and traditional grape of the region called Durello. It has rather been overshadowed by Prosecco wines, so we think it should be put back into the limelight.
It's capable of making toasty, rich Champagne style wines when aged on its lees. However, this particular bottle is all about freshness and zesty flavours. This Cantina was established in 1947, it operates as a cooperative and has over 300 members. It's not too high in alcohol, dry and elegant, and happens to be vegan, perfect for an afternoon aperitif.

The Lessini Durello DOC area is situated in a mountainous between Verona and Vicenza at 250-550 metres above sea level.
Durello is the name of the wine and is derived from Durella, the grape name, which means tough and strong, because the grape has a very high natural level of acidity. This makes it ideal for sparkling wine production. The wine has a very particular and distinctive bouquet (especially grapefruit, citron, tangerines) and typical mineral hints because of the volcanic origin of the soil.

This wine is pale yellow in colour with delicate aromas of papaya and plums. On the nose, there are fresh notes of minerality and apple. The finish is fine and long.