Chase Distillery Fruit Cup 70cl


We start by heating our award-winning Chase Original Vodka in our beautiful hand-crafted gin still, passing it through a blend of 17 botanicals in our evaporation chamber.

We combine a delectable blend of elderflowers, locally sourced raspberries and blackcurrants, and a blend of specially selected botanicals; these are added in different proportions to the gin spirit to create this unique Summer Fruit Cup.

On the nose; earl grey, rosemary and thyme present with floral aromas of rose, elderflower & hints of lavender. On the palate; rich juicy blackcurrant and raspberry fruitiness, warming background taste of ginger and star anise. Earthy notes of rosemary, thyme and the tanginess of bitter lemon to finish.

Perfect for sharing, serve well iced with lemonade or ginger ale and a selection of summer berries, lemon, orange and mint.

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