Ch de Durfort, Corbieres 2014

Comes across like a soft, ripe Bordeaux. Mocha notes, baking spices, vanilla and sous bois over dark, glossy cassis, creamy blueberry, strawberry compote and - after all, why not? - a burst of sweet, ripe blackberries. Now it's dark, smoky plum, liquorice and a hint of cough drop. That voluptuousness on the nose anticipates its satin texture. The tannins are very fine, more cocoa and sous bois, giving a delicious, moreish, bitter-savoury contrast to that sweet ripe fruit. It's a flawlessly harmonious blend. The texture is ethereal and overall the sense of balance is just very, very pleasing. Concentrated but not remotely heavy. Quaffable, even. 

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