Crozes Hermitage Blanc 'Les Jalets' Paul Jaboulet Aine 2017

£22.50 GBP

Jaboulet has been an icon of Rhône winemaking for nearly 200 years, and the maison has only improved in reputation since star Bordeaux winemaker Caroline Frey took the reins in the winery in 2006. If anything, Caroline seems even more at home in the Rhône, earning rave reviews for wines such as this white Crozes Hermitage, made from 100% Marsanne grapes.

‘Les Jalets’ is another name for galets, the large round stones found famously in Chateauneuf-du-Pape and, less famously, on the steep terraces of Crozes Hermitage. These stones help to radiate heat onto the vines, leading to riper grapes and more complex wines. That complexity is dialled up even further by lees stirring in the winery.

Despite that complexity, this is a beautifully elegant wine - fresh and light with floral aromas and flavours of citrus and peachy stone fruit. What really elevates it is the roasted almond finish. Just lovely.