Domaine Pouderoux Maury 2018 50cl

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Maury, a village in the Agly valley in the Roussillon region in south western France. This is the home of one of France's vins doux naturels, a sweet fortified style of wine. Domaine Pouderoux produces excellent Maury - an intensely flavoured, sweet red wine made from pure Grenache. Made in a rich, dark style, this Grand Réserve has delicious hints of spice and dark red fruit.

This is an extraordinary medium-sweet red wine from the foothills of the French Pyrenees that gives you all the figgy, pruney goodness of Port but with more freshness and a bit less alcohol. It’s made by Domaine Pouderoux, an organically-certified family producer with a Maury heritage stretching back to 1826. Some of their Carignan vines are over a century old, but the Grenache grapes for this wine come from more middle-aged vines (30 to 50 years old). The wine is fortified to stop fermentation with plenty of residual sugar remaining, then lovingly aged for six long years in a combination of glass demijohns and oak barrels. 

All of that time and effort results in super-concentrated flavours, huge complexity and an explosion of toffee, leather and spicy dried fruits in the mouth. It’s great with Brighton Blue cheese, but even better chilled with dark chocolate.