Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc 2018

£31.50 GBP

We have worked with these classic French wines in the past, and are happy to have received this year's allocation. Domaine Tempier are based in Bandol, in the Provence, Southern France.

The white wine comes from a small plot of land, at higher altitude to other vineyards, which helps preserve the freshness. It is considered to be the original site for the finest white and pink wines in this region. They have a reputation for exemplary attention to detail, using only the finest grapes available.

It is a blend of different grape varieties, the dominant grapes are Clairette Blanc and Ugni Blanc. It is allowed to rest in the winery for ten months before release, it can be drink now or kept for 5 years or more. Currently it has floral aromas and zesty fruit, with a luxurious texture. This is a young pup at the moment, and will be one to watch as it develops.