Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin 43.5%

£42.75 GBP

The Fifty Pounds gin, pays tribute to the rich history of gin production in the UK. They call it the smoothest gin ever, and it really is, probably due to it being distilled four times. It is made with strict attention to detail in small batches. It contains 11 of the finest quality botanicals, 8 of which are known to the public, and 3 make up the secret recipe. The name comes from the 1736 Gin Act which levied a £50 annual fee on anyone wanting to produce and sell gin, this was a failed attempt to stop the prevalent gin craze during this period. It's a really well balanced, juniper led, superb all rounder gin. It makes a great gin and tonic or ideal in a martini or aviation cocktail as it's so smooth. 

Lemon, lime, juniper, and very classic in character. Slight sweetness with a touch of creamy lemon.

Category: 43.5%, 70cl, Gin, London Dry Gin

Type: Gin