Filarino Sangiovese Rosato Rubicone IGT 2019

£10.99 GBP

A lot of great wines come out of Emilia-Romagna in Central Italy, but not all that many of them make their way across the Channel. We’re glad this one has. It’s made by a fourth-generation family producer that seems to have found the sweet spot between modern winery practices and traditional winemaking techniques.

Forget pale and pretty Provence rosés. This is a brighter, more intense wine in every way. First of all, the colour is an inviting, vibrant pink - partly because it’s a Sangiovese, partly because the juice sits on the skins for slightly longer, picking up a bit more colour and character. The nose is quite delicate, but with some interesting pomegranate and blood-orange notes. In the mouth, there’s a beautiful balance between the floral and cherry flavours and the zingy acidity, which lingers pleasantly on the finish. 

Chianti for rosé lovers… or rosé for Chianti lovers. Either way, this is fun in a bottle.