Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Gavi 2019

£17.99 GBP

Francesco Rinaldi is one of the great names from Piemonte, this family run estate is based in the town of Barolo, and dates back to 1870. They are known for their long lived Barolo wines, which they make using traditional techniques which haven't changed too much over the last 100 years. They favour old oak, long maceration and taking time getting the production just so. Sisters Luciano and Paola now run the estate, continuing tradition but also adding a modern freshness.

We have just received stock of their white wine, a Gavi, a name which will be familiar to many of you. Gavi is named after the place it comes from, in Piemonte. It is made from a grape variety called Cortese, which is often associated with green apple and citrus fruit flavours. More often or not it is unoaked. It varies in style depending on who makes it, it might be steely dry, light and crisp, or like this one a bit more fleshy and opulent. This comes from Rinaldi's own vineyard, it is only 12.5% ABV but it has weight, concentration and texture, with floral aromas.