Frankland Estate Riesling Poison Hill Vineyard 2012

Frankland Estate Poison Hill Riesling has more immediate appeal as a result of softer acidity and beguiling ripe fruit aromas with peach, spice and honeysuckle notes. Like most 2012 riesling’s from the region it is more generous than in previous vintages but still has the requisite level of acidity to provide good ageing ability.

Since 2001 Frankland Estate has produced limited quantities of two additional single vineyard rieslings (Poison Hill & Cooladerra) to complement the Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling. Poison Hill VineyardThe unconventional name of this vineyard is a result of it being located on the slopes of a hill where Heartleaf Clover is found. This clover is poisonous to all but indigenous animals and posed a threat to the sheep of early settlers who signalled its presence on their maps in typically blunt style.

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