Funky Wines Mixed Case (6)

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This is a collection of our natural, funky and just different wines. These are wines made using traditional methods, with minimal intervention. Some of the wines may include sediment due to them being unfiltered, but they have clear bottles so the sediment is visible. sWe advise you let the wine settle before pouring carefully.

Raza Pet Nat 2019

We are very excited to have this new wine from our friends at Raza, Vinho Verde. This is a new wine for us, which we haven't seen before, and are very excited to have it. It is a Vinho Verde Pet Nat, which means it is a very hands off wine, and allowed to ferment naturally leaving a light fizz, and topped off with a crown cap. It is made from Trajadura, which is aromatic, and full of orchard fruit flavours, pears and apples.

Ancre Hill Pet Nat NV

Another Pet Nat but this time its a red one made from Triomphe. Ancre Hill estate is based in the Welsh county of Monmouthshire, the 12 hectares of vineyards are on the slopes close to the Wye Valley. The family run wineries ethos of believing that "great wine is made in the vineyard" is brilliant to see in a country that isn't know for making wine. They are fully organic and biodynamic. Wales is not known for producing wine due to its climate, with its very sporadic weather patterns its hard to judge. However, the vineyard still manages to be farmed organically despite this.

Tenuta di Tavignano Il Pestifero Pet Nat Frizzante 2019

The name "I love monsters" comes from the wineries line up of wines dedicated to older styles of wine making and things that are a little off piste.Tenuta di Tavignano are based in the Marche region in central Italy, the vineyard was certified organic in 2015 and in the winery there is little intervention and low use of sulphur. For this wine there is no filtration and no sulphur used so the wine is vegan. Il Pestifero (Mischievous) is a blend of Verdicchio, Malvasia and Sangiovese sealed with a crown cap.

The English Winemaker Mascot 2018

This is a super funky natural orange wine made by the English wine maker in Italy. It is floral and aromatic with classic grape aromas, as well as tangerine, honeysuckle and a spicy edge of cinnamon and clove. Its finishes dry with a saline edge making it a versatile food wine. It is vegan and completely natural with minimal sulphur and its unfiltered and unfined so can have a sediment in the bottom of the bottle. 

El Berrakin 2019

A slightly different take on Garnacha. Perhaps a more modern approach, as it's completely naturally produced in stainless steel. The wine is a little more focused on pure, berry fruit, with a light extraction. A natural fermentation and very light pigeage, combined with natural fresh acidity, leave a very drinkable wine. A little bit of floral and herbal notes, and soft tannin keeps interest on the pallet. Unfiltered.

Ponce Clos Lojen Bobal 2018

Juan Antonio Ponce specialises in making wines from the Bobal grape, from Mancheula in Spain. The vines are between 30 and 50 years old, and are planted at 800 meres above sea level. They farm biodynamically, the fruit is foot trodden and the resulting wine is unfiltered. It has been aged for seven months in old oak. It's soft and plummy, with cherry flavours and soft tannins.

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