Gabbas Cannonau di Sardegna Lillove 2019

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The Gabbas family have been making wine for several generations. Giuseppe Gabbas is one of the most renowned producers in Sardinia, making wines true to the area. Their estate is planted predominantly with Cannonau di Sardegna, with a small percentage of the white grape Vermentino, and a rare red grape called Muristellu. Muristellu is used in small quantities, as part of this particular wine, to add body and depth.

They are situated in the heart of Sadinia, on the lower part of the Supramonte mountain range. They get plenty of sun, but the altitude and sea breezes help preserve a balancing freshness. The vineyards are planted on granitic soil, which retains moisture, so even in drought years, the vines get enough sustenance.
We got this wine because it's called LilLove, which seems like a nice name to put on a label. It also tasted really good too, which helps. It is a blend of 80% Cannonau, which is a grape variety widely regarded as having health benefits, and 20% Muristellu. It is allowed to settle in stainless steel tanks for 8 month before release. It's big and powerful, but also has a fresh juiciness and spice.This would go very well with a rich ragu.