Gosnells Mead 75cl

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Unfortunately this has passed its use by date (while we were in lockdown). We have just tasted a bottle and it's still very drinkable. Full of orange blossom and honey. It's also great when mixed with Prosecco or in cocktails. 

Description: "Gosnells of London born out of our desire to modernise and re-popularise this great part of British brewing heritage. Light, crisp and refreshing with slight fizz: delicate floral and citrus notes." 

      • Our signature recipe made with Spanish orange blossom honey - the flavour of an orange grove in bloom in each bottle
      • Deliciously sweet honey taste with floral undertones for added depth - light, crisp and fresh
      • 5.5% ABV, a perfectly refreshing summer drink
      • Proudly made in our London Meadery
      • We have used this in cocktails or mixing with prosecco too for a different edge to those Summer drinks.
      • It is gluten free and ideal picnic drink.
  • Our English Heather has about an inch of thick protein still in the bottle, which throws a sediment in every bottle, it is because of the density of the honey and the proteins within.

Category: 5.5%, 75cl, Beer, England, Gluten Free, Mead

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