Harmonia 2017 Korona

£14.50 GBP

Blauburger 40%, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Menoire and 20% Merlot

The Egri Korona Borház (Crown Wine House of Eger) can be found right in the middle
of the wine-growing region of Eger, next to the thermal hot spring of Egerszalók.
A family owned vineyard where vines are grown on the slopes next to the thermal springs, the family also
grows mushrooms.

This is a red wine made with a reductive technology, from dominant blue-grape types of the historical wine region of Eger. Its flavour and fragrance present the fruitiness and sour-cherry aroma of the harmoniously married Blauburger,  Menoire and Merlot which is perfectly supplemented by the spiciness and fiery
character of Cabernet Sauvignon. JUICY and moreish, easy going and friendly.