Langhe Nascetta di Novello Elvio Cogno 2018

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It's nice to have surprises, and here is a great one. We are given the heads up on this one by the delightful Tom Surgey. It is a white wine called Nascetta by Elvio Cogno. We drank one of Cogno's red wines recently, and have sold them before, they are excellent.

The Cogno wines are made in Piemonte and they specialise in using Barbera and Nebbiolo, so it was great to be given a prompt to try about there white, Nascetta, a grape we had never heard of. We didn't recognise it for good reason, it had almost become extinct, bar a few rows of vines planted by a handful of producers including Elvio Cogno.

We have had good success with another rare variety from the same area called Timorasso, particularly one made by Walter Massa, we think this might prove as popular. Nascetta is also called Anas-cetta, both names are on the label, and it is considered to be a cross in style with dry Moscato and Favorita. It is very aromatic, with exotic fruits, on the palate it is lazor like pure, with a savouriness which is immensely drinkable. This is lovely and precise now, amazingly fresh, but will age and it will be interesting to see how it develops.