Le Corti Chianti Classico Riserva Cortevecchia 2015

£29.95 GBP

This Riserva, from Villa Le Corti in the north of the iconic Tuscan subzone, showcases all the extra heft, spice and polish of this oak-aged style of Chianti Classico. 

It's made with Sangiovese grapes nurtured to perfect ripeness through organic vineyard practices. These grapes are given even more opportunity to express their origins during fermentation on selected indigenous yeasts from around the estate. Ageing takes place in large oak casks, then bottle, so that this wine is released ready to be enjoyed but with years of potential built in. 

Everything you'd expect from a quality Chianti Classico is here, but with the volume turned up. The cherry and pomegranate fruits are even juicier; the floral and herbal notes are more fragrant; the orange zest is tangier; the tannins are firmer and grippier. The finish is epic, drifting from herbs to cherries to mint to liquorice.

Great Tuscan wines call for great Tuscan food. This would be a dream with steak, game, or lamb/pork/beef dishes with mushrooms.