Le Corti Per Filo 2017

£75.00 GBP

This wonder wine is the inspiring ending to a tragic story for the Corsini family. It's a eulogy to Filippo Corsini, who in 2015 took over a parcel of vines at Villa Le Corti with a vision of creating a new natural expression of Sangiovese.

After Filippo's tragic death in 2016, his parents dedicated themselves to continuing his legacy. Per Filo is the result of that dedication: a top-class, 100% Sangiovese biodynamic wine that uses a modern production philosophy to reinterpret the iconic grape of Tuscany.

Due to its production methods, this isn't a Chianti Classico. It's a fresh archetype of Sangiovese: brighter, snappier, with great finesse and some very interesting savoury characters. After fermentation, it was aged for 18 months in large tonneau, so the effects of oak are more about integration of flavours than injection of pronounced oaky tones.

This gives the wine an intriguing tension between the vibrant fruit and savoury herbal notes. Pomegranates, cherries and mulberries nestle up with rose, lavender, pepper and earthy minerality. It's very fragrant and the purity is something to behold. A fitting tribute to Filippo's vision.