Massa Terra Vino Rosso, Implicito, Walter Massa 2017

Walter Massa is a legend in the Colli Tortonesi part of the Italian Piemonte region. He has single handedly revived rare grape varieties, and produced top quality wines from vineyards which were once deemed only good enough for vino di tavola. The Implicito is his introductory wine.

It is made from The Barbera grape, it has been made in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fresh fruit character. It has juicy red berry fruits, a touch of light spice and underlying earthiness, in a good way! It is really juicy and fresh, not unlike a Pinot Noir. It could be served slightly chilled.

Please keep in mind this is a funky wine, almost natural in style, a bit of farmyard and often with a slight fizz.

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