Nals Margreid Lagrein Sand 2018

£16.99 GBP

Nals Margreid is a winery in the Alto Adige Italy, Nals and Margreid are two vineyard areas. The winery was established as a cooperative in 1932, they source fruit from over 300 trusted growers in the area. The focus is always on quality and being ecologically aware. They have made a name for themselves highlighting local varieties and the differences between the multitude of tiny vineyard sites.
Lagrein is the favoured grape variety for this wine. Lagrein has been grown in this region for hundreds of years, but thus far doesn't seem to be found in many other parts of the world. It has a real Italian feel about it, cherry fruit, bright acidity, but it also has depth and some earthy notes, which makes it very food friendly. It has been aged in oak for seven months, which adds cocoa flavours and a rich texture. This is very appealing, and would be great with some rich winter food.