Pieropan La Rocca Soave Classico 2017 150cl

£74.00 GBP

The vineyard ‘La Rocca’ is situated on the Monte Rocchetta hill, just below the mediaeval castle built by the Scaligeri family in the town of Soave. The microclimate in this vineyard produces wines with a unique perfume and distinctive taste. The grapes are picked when very ripe, often as late as the end of October, giving tremendous complexity and aromatic qualities to the wine, making it a wine of great breeding.

The grapes are destemed and crushed then it is done a short maceration with skin contact in 2500 litre barrels Ageing: Organoleptic properties: At the end of fermentation, the wine is racked into barrels of between 2000 and 500 litres capacity where it ages for around a year. During this period, the wine remains on the fine lees where is acquires complexity and a rich bouquet. It is held in bottle for some time before release.