Produttori del Carema Carema Classico 16

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Produttori di Carema began as a cooperative in 1960 with just 14 members, it now has over 80, due to it's consistent success at making attractive wines. Carema is a difficult wine to make, coming from a cool, mountainous terrain from northern Piemonte, bordering Valle D'Aosta.

It is made from Nebbiolo, the same grape used for it's more famous neighbours Barolo and Barbaresco, but because of the high altitude and cool climates in the vineyards, it produces more austere wines, requiring years of ageing to soften. Climate change and modern winemaking have improved this, resulting in a very intriguing wine, and one which is work looking out for. Tiny quantities are made in this region, but it does not have a rarity price tag as the name is relatively unknown.

This is a steep region which means everything has to be done by hand, as machines struggle to get up the slopes! The red wines are aged in oak to add complexity and soften the tannins. The standard Carema has been aged for 12 months whereas the Riserva would typically be left to mellow for twice this time. They are fine wines, not heavy in body, but they are structured and firm, with bright red fruits, and juicy acidity, making them great food wines. They go very well with anything slow cooked and rich.