Raza Pet Nat 2019

£20.49 GBP

Summer is trying to fight it's way through the clouds, we know it is on its way. With that in mind we might need some light fresh, slightly sparkling wine to enjoy in the garden. 

We are very excited to have this new wine from our friends at Raza, Vinho Verde. This is a new wine for us, which we haven't seen before, and are very excited to have it. It is a Vinho Verde Pet Nat, which means its a very hands off wine, and allowed to ferment naturally leaving a light fizz, and topped off with a crown cap. It is made from Trajadura, which is aromatic, and full of orchard fruit flavours, pears and apples.

The bright acidity and light spritz give it a lovely fresh feel. Because it is made naturally it will have a slight sediment. The label features a lacewing, which is an insect found in the vineyards and eats unwanted pests, and highlights the natural approach Raza employs in the vineyard.