Soalheiro, Terramatter, Alvarinho 2016

£24.99 GBP

100% organic Alvarinho from the Melgaco region in North west Portugal from the amazing producers... In this micro climate they receive perfect amounts of rainfall and sunshine, and are protected by a mountain range, the ideal conditions for Alvarinho to ripen.
This wine is different for their range as it made naturally, all handpicked with the aim of promoting biodiversity and sustainability in the vineyards. It is harvested early, which concentrates the fresh, mineral acidity and undergoes partial malolactic fermentation in traditional chestnut barrels from the Minho region. It is also unfiltered. It's a really unique and superb wine, dry, fresh, intense. It's full of flavour, apricot, and ripe peach, with a soft creamy texture, it's medium bodied with a long finish and gentle balancing acidity. It ages beautifully. We drank an old vintage a while ago and it was incredible, one of my most memorable wines to date and intense golden colour, like essence.