Terlaner Cuvée, Cantina Terlano, 2019

£21.99 GBP

Cantina Terlano is a producer we've worked with for a long time. They were founded in 1893 in Italy's Alto Adige region, situated in the north east, just south of the Austrian Alps. 

The Cantina specialise in Weissburgunder  (Pinot Bianco), making a diverse range of different styles. They also produce blends, which are renowned for their finesse and complexity. This wine is the 'Terlaner Cuvee' 2019, a blend of 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. The three grapes all bring different characteristics to the wine.

The intense aromatic profile has the floral, herbaceous characters of Sauvignon Blanc, mixed with stony, salty minerality from the Pinot blanc,  with citrus and crunchy apple from the Chardonnay. It is a harmonious combination, which continues on the palate in much the same fashion, with a greater mineral focus, along with hints of riper stoned fruits and a touch of smokiness.

This is a real crowd pleaser, complex, yet delicate with a flavour profile that will please most palates. It makes the perfect aperitif, but will also accompany a broad range of dishes from fish and salads, to poultry and lightly spiced foods.