Tessari, Tre Colli, Recioto di Soave, 2013, 50cl

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Tre Colli means “Three Hills”, where Tessari’s estate is placed. Before the harvest the best grapes are personally and exclusively selected by the family members, in order to make them dry naturally until February

Tessari’s sweet wine, Tre Colli, is a hedonist’s dream. The colour of Black Locust honey- bright and sunny; lightly clings to the glass.  The nose is fragrant honey, dried fruit, raisins, summer white flowers and tiny amount of custard. Just the right amount of sweetness vs. dryness; very elegant. A nostalgic taste of almond at the end makes the whole adventure most pleasurable.

Wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks for at least 12 months at controlled temperature. The long stay on lees and the batonnage facilitated the extraction of the glutatione, one of the strongest antioxidant in nature, while obtaining a richer, long and harmonious wine, with a good balance between aromas and taste.

What to pair with this delicious wine?  Light vanilla cake or even apple pie, aged cheeses

100% Garganega