The Liberator, All This Untamed Beauty Pinot Noir 2015

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We have a new Liberator wine from South Africa, but don't blink as we snapped up the final 12 bottles only, so it might disappear before you know it. I must admit I bought the wine because of the tattooed lady on the label, but Butler insists the wine is great.
A total of 500 bottles were made of this Pinot Noir, from Napier in South Africa. It was a small parcel of wine, which was destined to be consumed by the owner, or perhaps sent to auction. But when our importer friend found it, he thought it needed to be shown to the UK public, we wholeheartedly agreed.
The Pinot Noir grapes were fermented then aged in old oak for ten months, before being forgotten in bottle for four years before they were rediscovered. The vines come from a cool part of South Africa and this shows in the wine. The nose is fresh and pretty, full of floral and fruit aromas. The palate has ripe strawberry flavours and is really elegant, with a long finish.
The label features Maud Wagner, the first female tattooist who was born in 1877 in Kansas. She was a travelling circus performer, covered in exotic tattoos, the epitome of untamed beauty.